Gloomspite Gitz Grots

The second set of miniatures I bought in my Second Age of Warhammer is a box of Gloomspite Gitz Stabbas. I got these after finishing the first of my Squig Hoppers because I wasn’t very happy with the Grot rider and wanted some Grots to practice colour on.

For the skin I settled on a colour scheme without too many layers and without too much mixing of paints to keep things simple (since I’ll probably be painting a lot of Grots, simple is good). I got the colour scheme from a WargamerOnline tutorial on painting Spiderfang Grots, although I did leave out the wash. The resulting skin recipe is as follows:

The first of the Grots (front side).
The first of the Grots (backside).
The first and second grots…

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