Gloomspite Gitz Grot Spearmen “The Browns”

The second set of miniatures I bought in my Second Age of Warhammer is a box of Gloomspite Gitz Stabbas. I got these after finishing the first of my Squig Hoppers because I wasn’t very happy with the Grot rider and wanted some Grots to practice on. These guys come in a box of 20, which I split into two small “units” of 10 (a project of 20 models would take me too long to complete).

Painting Scheme

I’m practicing, so each model shown in the photographs are painted slightly differently – overall though, the following colour scheme will yield these results:


  • As a base coat, cover all skin with Deathworld Forest () and the lower with Screamer Pink ().
  • Apply some Carroburg Crimson Shade () to the eye sockets, the mouth and the lower lip.
  • Highlight all skin with Elysian Green (), only leaving the darkest recesses and the outer edges (±10%).
  • Apply a second highlight with Ogryn Camo (), covering large parts of the raised areas, but leaving more of the previous layer showing through (±50%).
  • Mix in some Ushabti Bone () into the Ogryn Camo () to apply a final highlight, only painting small areas like the tip of the nose or the knuckles on the hands.
  • Paint in the teeth with Ushabti Bone ().
  • Using Cadian Fleshtone () as a highlight, paint a series of dots on the lower lips to suggest scabbed lips.
  • Paint the eye with Evil Sunz Scarlet (), and a tiny dot of Flash Gitz Yellow () for the pupil.


  • Base coat the robes using Rhinox Hide ().
  • Use layering / glazing to slowly build up highlights, first towards Baneblade Brown (), and finally working towards Ushabti Bone () for the edges.

Moons / Yellows

Moon decorations can be found as belt-clasps, shield decoration, on the banner, the nets, and the eye-patch of the unit’s champion; they are all painted in the following way:

  • Base coat using Averland Sunset (), and apply a shade of Seraphim Sepia () all over.
  • Clean up the mid-tones using Averland Sunset (), and then apply a highlight using Flash Gitz Yellow ().
  • The teeth of the Bad Moons are painted with Ushabti Bone (), with the tips highlighted with Screaming Skull ().
  • The eyes of the Bad Moons are painted in Celestra Grey ().

Other details

Finally, since this is a rag-tag bunch of Goblins and not a highly disciplined host of High Elves, there should be some individual differences between the models. Details like the ropes around their waists, their shoes, and the little ropes on their weapons are painted in various shades of brown.


The colour scheme for the Grot skin was taken from this WargamerOnline tutorial on painting Spiderfang Grots, although I did leave out the wash.

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