Welcome to my personal Website

This is my personal website, running on WordPress and the Orvis Theme. I didn’t spend too much time on modifying the layout of the site, so thanks to “Automaticc” for doing a nice job. In any case, on this website I am keeping track of my professional and hobby related work. From the professional side, you can find the listing of all my scientific Publications (including full-text .pdf downloads) as well as information about my PhD Thesis. From the hobby side, I picked up Miniature Painting again, and wanted to have a place to keep track of my progress.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@hopdenakker) and/or Instagram (@hopdenakker), or send me an email (me@harmopdenakker.nl) if you want to get in touch.

Oh, and the lady next to me in the photo is my lovely wife Miriam Cabrita, who has a website just like this (except more professional) at www.miriamcabrita.pt if you want to have a look.